These terms and conditions of sale apply exclusively to commercial relations between the RECYCLEOFFICE company and its customer.

Article 1 – ORDER

1.1 Account opening: To place an order you must be registered in our IT systems as a customer company.

At the time of the first settlement, you will be asked for a ‘’k-bis extract ‘’.

1.2 An order may not be less than 80 € before tax.

1.3 Availability: Our offers are valid only within the limits of available stocks.

Article 2 – DELIVERY 

2.1 Procedure to be applied upon receipt of the goods

Verification of parcels: 

In the presence of the carrier upon receipt of the parcels, the recipient will have to check:

        - the number of parcels received compared to the number indicated on the carrier's voucher

        - the conformity of parcels and their contents.

The recipient must only sign the delivery note after checking the parcels. The date of delivery, the signature, the legible name of the signatory and the commercial stamp must be included.

In case of dispute: The recipient must note clearly on the carrier's voucher:

        - the missing package(s) in relation to the delivery note.

        - the level of degradation of the goods

2.2 Delivery times

The usual delivery times, excluding holidays, are from 10 to 15 working days from the day following receipt by RECYCLEOFFICE of the purchase order and to the extent of available stock.

Article 3 – PRICES

Our prices are net excluding taxes, any individual overpacking costs and shipping costs. The indication of a price does not imply that the goods are available.


4.1 Our invoices are payable at thirty days end of month.

4.2 Penalty Clauses

RECYCLEOFFICE provides a 0.5% discount for cash payments.

Any default on payment of the invoice will result in late penalties equal to the interest rate applied to the European Central Bank plus 10 points, plus a lump sum recovery fee of € 40, excluding VAT (see article D.441-5). In addition, in case of recourse to a judicial procedure to reach the payment, a penalty equal to 10% of the sums due will be due.


In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 624-16 of the French Commercial Code, our goods remain our full ownership until the full payment of their price.

Article 6 – RETURN

No return of products may be made by the customer without the prior express written consent, by mail or fax, of RECYCLEOFFICE.

In all cases, the costs of forwarding remain at your expense.

6.1 Our responsibility can not be engaged in case the sold products are transported or stored under abnormal conditions or incompatible with their nature.


In the event that the products we have delivered present an apparent defect to you, it must be immediately reported by telephone, fax or email within 48 hours from reception and, in the event that the defect appears on goods for a value of more than 500 euros, it should be confirmed by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Under the warranty of defects, the company RECYCLEOFFICE can only be required to replace the product concerned without the recipient or the customer company being able to claim damages.


Force majeure exempts the party who takes advantage of the performance of the order on condition that the constitutive facts are clearly denounced even if they are public knowledge and that they totally prevent the performance of the contract.

Force majeure suspends the performance of the contract for its entire duration.


The law applicable to contractual relations between RECYCLEOFFICE and their customer is the French law. Nevertheless, this right will only be applicable to the relations beyond what has not been foreseen by the present general conditions of sale.

In the event of a dispute, the Alençon Commercial Court shall have sole jurisdiction.